The Pink Smartie Worship Page

someone please scan a better version of a pink smartie for me

So I posed the question here: Are there pink smarties? I knew perfectly well that there were, but I wanted to see what people would say. Here are some of the responses I got:

I live in US..and yes there are pink ones...some ppl think that they are ..

o and by the way...

Yes there are pink smarties - I swear I've seen them before.

yeah there are pink smarties if you leave the red ones in the sun for a while.

Yup!!! I only eat the PINK ones!! Hahahahahahaha!! J/K!


Yes there are pink smarties. I am so bored I just checked. lol...... have fun being bored!

yes there are pink smarties

Hi. My name is Sarah, and I am here to inform you that, yes, there are pink Smarties out there. They don't taste as good as the green ones, though. Well, that's it. Bye!

i was thinking and they have pink ones on the boxes, don't they, but iont think i've ever actually eaten one. odd. now i want to search insanely for them...

of course there are pink smarties! Well there are in England anyway

Yes, I recall seeing one a long time ago. LOL

yes, there are pink smarties..

Well there would be if they did Easter or Valentine's Day... Heh heh heh!

i believe there are....i think so confuzzled....

Yes pink smarties are available. In my last tube of smarties I found that 4 of them were pink. However because there are seven different colours you can have and there was exactly 33 smarties in the tube, the ratio of pink ones was below the average amount. Is this because Nestle know that they aren't as popular; so therefore put less in, or is it simply an unlucky tube for pink smarty lovers??? I don't know.