The various things listed on the "Stuff to do if you're bored" page are mostly ficticious, and not actually meant to be done in real life (unless you are a dare devil-type person who actually LIKES doing crazy things). If you do decide to be crazy, and attempt some of the things listed on this page, Zutroy, ZUTROY.COM, Communitech.Net, and His Holiness Pope John Paul II take absolutly no responsibility, and cannot guarantee the safety of most of the listed things.

If you actually take it upon yourself to complete any of the things on this list, email me and let me know.... maybe I'll start a page for "People who are really bored, and did the things on this list". Of course, you should have proof (pictures, screen shots, logs, copies of emails, and arrest reports are sufficient).

On a side note, the things on the list are straight from my brain, but may have been influenced by: other similar lists on the WWW, books, songs (mostly "Weird Al" Yankovic songs), or from actual, or fictional people both in real life, and from the Internet. Any reproduction, retransmission, distribution, or copying of MY page (http://www.zutroy.com/stuff/) will be dealt with in the most horrible ways I can think of, and will be royally snubbed.

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