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Stuff to do if you're bored . . .

Bored? Our scientists have been working around the clock to find the cure. Listed below are 450 possible ways to relieve boredom. Some have not been fully tested. Proceed at your own risk.

Work on your web page
Learn to whistle 14.4/28.8 bps sounds
Juggle everything you can find
Flip through that old UNIX manual
Read over the "membership policy" for your ISP
Format all those AOL disks you got in the mail
Defrag your hard drive (example)
Write a mIRC script
Spend hours looking for spelling mistakes on this site
Eat Spam
Watch "The Sound of Music" (warning: only if REALLY bored!)
Spell your name with mustard all over the street
Search for space anomalies
Sit around all day watching Leave it to Beaver
Jump up! Start running! Don't stop!
Click here (read this warning first)
Answer the phone in a funny accent
Register a bunch of useless channels on NewNet
Email an old friend
Format your HD, FDISK it, and then re-install your OS
Use your super-powerful Pentium 200 MMX with 128 megs of RAM to play Solitaire
Empty the Trash/Recycling Bin without looking what's it in first
Think up brand-new ways to insult AOL users
Think up brand-new ways to insult Mac users
Think up brand-new ways to insult AOL users that own Macs
Play Civilization/Privateer/Dune2 until 7 am
Help my cousin via email with her programming homework
Learn new and exciting words by reading the dictionary

Pull the heads off sheep (but not live ones...that's sick)
Sing The Song That Never Ends (hello Yahoo! people?!?! Useless Page Alert!!)
Read some of my favorite comics
How about some interesting Quotes that I've collected?
How about some MORE interesting Quotes (psst, most of these are funny)
How about my Quotes Page
Archive the Internet to 3.5" floppy disks (low density of course)
Annoy my cousin who FINALLY got on the 'net
Have a movie marathon
Gather a pile of old books, close your eyes, toss out the books one by one, and read the last one remaining cover to cover in one sitting
Email this PUNK about his lame choice of an email address :)
Scan pictures for people at work
Call your ISP's tech support, and tell them this: "I can't get internet, I have a message about a DSN computer. I don't know what kind of modem I have, but it's on IRQ 13...HELP ME!"
Buy part of the Moon
Or get into the hype, and buy part of Mars
Email me your suggestions about what kinda computer to get (got a new one now! :))
Translate the Bible into Huttese (that'll show those Klingon freaks)
Learn to swear in Russian, German, Spanish, French, and sanskrit (then email them to me)
Spend a few hours creating a web page in worship of your significant other
Play with some LEGOS
Leave the planet
Crash your WinPopups (then send a global saying "pops crashed...please resend.")
Learn to play the kazoo
Go to a random AT&T Worldnet users web page
Discover the Answer to the Ultimate Question....then the Question itself....
Laugh at these poor sods with crappy computers
Play Second Conflict
Listen to alien signals from Vega
Build a model of the Eiffel Tower out of Belgian waffles
Study neurosurgery *OR* go to see the Care Bears movie (you can only pick 1)
Go see The Biggest Ball of Twine In Minnesota
Grow a huge 'fro and go around imitating Screech from Saved By The Bell.
Open as many Netscape / Internet Explorer windows as possible
Spend hours rebuilding your system after it crashed doing the last thing
Play the original NES version of Tetris (can you go from level 1 all the way to level 19???)
Send yourself for pizza (note: people with clones only)
Read the oldest computer magazine that you can find
Register useless domains for FREE at Monolith (or not...)
Check out the Infini-D Resource Page now on ZUTROY.COM!!
Go to the Mecca of Albino Squirrels
Stalk someone
Overclock your CPU
Buy some pez...mmm, pez (it's not too expensive....here's how much it costs in Canada)
Spend a few hours staring at the moon & stars (binoculars help, but no peeping at neighbors...well just a bit)
Work on your Russian accent
Listen to your favorite CD (or tape, or record, or 8-track for you technologically impaired) over and over and over....
Check out this page BACKWARDS!! (fixed this link...thanks to this bored person who's email address doesn't work...oh, fixed it, works now!)
Eat some twinkie-weiner sandwiches ©
Crash your system at Fabienne's site (got me twice!)
Organize your floppy/ZIP disks
Arrest yourself
Understand Simple logic (Windows 95 = MacOS 84, but MacOS 97 = Windows 95)
Read about the Simpsons Episode that had Zutroy in it!
Take your hamster to the beach
Find the longest URL you possibly can! (here's mine)
Figure out the words to the Weird Al Show Theme Song! (here is what Isotropy and I got...and here's Julie Cross's version)
Buy a souvenier miniature Ball of Twine
Go swimming
Go to your local museum, and try to get kicked out
Water the lawn (and spray annoying siblings)
Spend all day in the basement torturing rats with a hacksaw (you read the disclaimer first right??)
Eat as many pieces of toast, loaded with tons of peanut butter, as you can
Learn to play the bagpipes
Phone in sick (but make sure your story is at least 57.6% believable)
Go to Wal-Mart
Slam your head against the wall
Count the # of "Weird Al" Yankovic references up to this point (one per point) -- here's the answer
Here's one more Weird Al reference - Wind up twenty one thousand, one hundred and forty pounds of string
Join Columbia House Canada, or for you Americans Columbia House
pssst...I'm in the Columbia House Video Club!!!
Read the coolest poems ever written
Look for hidden messages on web pages
Check the the 5-Day Weather Forcast for Gorky
Eat some Crispy Wheats & Raisins cereal
Read this joke that Fifi just emailed me
Check out bored.com....they were so bored, they registered the domain (lotsa cool links there!)
Whine about something (browser crashes is a good place to start)
Register some shareware (ha!)
Phone Home
Take an IQ Test
Email bomb yourself (fun isn't it Tim??)
Read a Gordon Korman book
Take a few hours out of your life to wonder how an aarkvark spends his days
Drag your Windows directory to the Recycling bin (or for you Mac guys...drag your System Folder to the trash), restart, and try to fix it
Check out this page...created by possibly the most bored guy on Earth
Take a look at my most hated animated GIF
Shamelessly try to win awards for your web page (*hint hint*)
Put your Bat's in the Bellfree (explanation)
Join the Spam Club
Try to make reservations at McDonalds
Dare to be Stupid
Play leapfrog with a unicorn (let me know if you find a unicorn, so I can sell it to some zoo for tons of $$$)
Spend hours downloading large files, then delete them, download, delete....lather, rinse, repeat.
Clone yourself
Send me your WININET.DLL file from your c:\windows\system directory (only if you've installed IE4.0)...mine's corrupt. (update: got a copy that works! Thanks anyways...)
Check out the History of Apple
Then eat some apple pie....mmm, apple pie
Spend HOURS checking out the incredibly awesome Voodoo Extreme web site for info on 3D computer gaming
Update the list of links on your web page (assuming you have a web page, if not...THEN MAKE ONE!!)
Watch PBS all day (especially the cool documentary Triumph of the Nerds)
Learn all about the coolest console gaming system ever at The Official Intellivision Home Page
Eat some Ruffles BBQ chips (the best chips in the world!!!)
Come visit us AT&T Canada employees on IRC (/server thompson.ilos.net)
Chomp down some Eggo Waffles
Join AOL
Spend 2 years trying to quit AOL
Buy a hovercraft, and fill it with eels
Check out the BIGGEST PUNK IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE's web page (assuming he's put one up)
Then check out my cousin's web page (wonder if he put it up yet)
And thirdly, check out Zero's Web Page (yes, he's actually got one!!)
Write insanely long, and complicated disclaimers for your web page
Help me shamelessly promote this page
Watch this page grow, and grow
Add a counter to your web page
Yell at the top volume - 'I'm bored!'
Clean your room
Tell everyone how bored you are on The Bored Forum
Check out the Secret Quake 2 page on the id software site
Correct mistakes on your webpage - a neverending job!
Turn your Win95 PC into a Mac! Click Here! (thanks KuDorK)
Stay connected to your ISP for a week straight (and receive nasty emails from them)
Grab your Star Wars Soundtrack, crank it to max volume, and listen all night
Read every FILE_ID.DIZ file on your HD
Stick your head in a microwave, and get yourself a tan
Create fake Web Page Awards at Aprilfools.com (and I didn't fall for it Mr. Todd Gack whoever you are)
Go buy The Best of Meco CD...featuring disco versions of select Star Wars tracks!! (which I borrowed from Isotropy and am listening to right now)
Nag that friend that borrowed something from you until you get it back
Check out this this banner that Scott from work made for me
Pretend to be a viking
Take a week of vacation from work to just sit at home and watch tons of movies
Listen to this clip of Star Wars Theme in a weird but cool disco theme
While you're at it, check out this clip of "Weird Al" Yankovic practicing his German
Download a copy of mIRC v2.1a (the first publically available version) and TRY to get it working
Learn something about yourself
Check out my Star Wars page
Check out The Unauthorized Super-Secret Parody of Star Wars (now available on CD-ROM...I've got a copy!!)
Search for song lyrics at The International Lyrics Server
Delete the Internet (stolen from sCary's Sugar Shack)
Spend a few hours downloading the 1376 emails you "forgot" to delete from your email server over the last 6 months
Play Final Fantasy 1 for the NES for 3 hours and see how far you can get
Play solitaire with your mother
Read another joke sent to me by Fifi
If you speak/read German, translate this email that was sent to me
Take a look at this picture of Weldon...a slacker I work with (whuahaha...for $5 I won't edit it Weldon :>)
Order free CD-ROMs from Microsoft (they just sent me IE 4.0 pp2 on CD)
Go buy the Star Wars: Special Edition Trilogy!! (on sale August 26th in North America)
Read some of "Lisa's" favorite things to do when she's bored
Fix the blinking 12:00 on your VCR (email me if you need help...oops, I've got a blinking 8:47 on my clock...better fix that now :)
Think up inventive ways to avoid eating Tuna Noodle Casserole (yuck)
Discover some awesome uses for crates (thanks Golden Mongoose)
Buy a new computer from G.E.C.S.
Earlier I posted my most hated animated GIF, now here's my favorite (from Blue's News)
Watch all 3 Star Wars Special Edition videos in a row (good thing I took the day off work)
Check out The Tribute to Screech
Practice parallel parking (and also practice spelling parallel)
Make a new banner for your web page
Waste 15 minutes driving to the mall on a hot tip from your sister that HMV is selling the Star Wars Special Edition Widescreen version, only to get there and the mall is closed (bummer)
Eat tons of Corn Pops cereal just to get the free Batman & Robin tatooes
Plaster those free tatooes all over your body
Make another new banner for your web page
Scan the Star Wars Special Edition Trilogy boxes (front and back)
Read this parody script of a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode (hint: do a search for "zutroy")
Talk on your cell phone, rack up huge bills
Drop to a DOS prompt, and keep typing "cls" until your brain explodes
Make another another new banner for your web page
Pop yourself a beer
Start a scam selling Attack Jelly
Take a look at the various banners I've made for mine and other web pages
Make yourself think, read this "story"
Take a look at Just The Facts
For the truly bored, read about Danielle and her attempt to do lots of the things on this page :)
Load as many programs as you can in an attempt to crash your system (I tried it myself! Here a list of all the programs I had open...0% free resources)
Nuke the The Roop Family Homepage counter :)
Read these jokes from Fifi, then read these (which Fifi assures me are funnier)
Eat some Animal Crackers
Nuke The Crazy Counter!!
Read The Raven....nevermore
Visit The Zone, tell em Zutroy sent you
Can you out-shame these people?
Listen to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack
Check out these has-beens
Watch TLC (The Learning Channel) ... there's a good show on lightning right now
Get a free webpage with 15 megs of space!!
Take a look at the Voodoo Extreme webmasters...*shudder*
See if my IRC bud Dragonflu has registered his domain name yet...click here
Place your bets....Mr. T vs. Hanson
Read the Hyper Cosmic Song!
Check out one of my multimedia instructors web pages - click here
Take a spin on the URoulette and visit random groovy and exotic sites
For the teenager in you, check out Teen Talk and meet some new friends (no stalking please)
Flip upside-down and check out the Anti-Gravity Room (almost as cool as it sounds)
Science Rules! Check it out with Bill Nye The Science Guy! (Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!)
If you're weird enough, take a trip to the Strange Universe
Take an EXCLUSIVE sneak-peek at what will be the most incredible movie of all time - Master Of The World
Click HERE to vote for Zutroy's Universe as a Starting Point Hot Site.
Pop Quiz Hot Shot. Name all the HTML Color Hexcodes. Can't? Go Here
Americans dumb? Nooo, really? View the proof
Too Hot for TV...check out the Jerry Springer Video (warning: contains nudity...heh)
Piss off Dr. Math by asking a horrifically impossible question
Get your name in lights at the Netscape Engineering Sign! Just so you know it really works, here's my name in lights
Read these kewl quotes, and also these, these, these, these, and these
Keep yourself busy for a few hours...Click Here
Play tag with a telephone pole
Translate zutroy.com into another language here
Adopt - A - Fluff
Work your way through 258 Things To Do When You're Bored (this list isn't as fun as mine)
Give your brain a workout at Interactive Magic!
Re-do your webpage with frames (standard message, if you don't have a webpage, then make one!!!)
Email Brent Scott to find out how to get into bars for free
Read the online novel Master Of The World by Jules Verne
Convert various currencies to other various currencies here
Check out my totally lame (you've been warned), very FIRST webpage which GeoCities finally deleted :)
Buy the world's most durable bread - Wonder Bread!
Go for a bike ride
Visit the Brent Scott Web Page ©
Sing in the rain
Play trivia on IRC (#trivia on NewNet)
Surf zutroy.com redneck style
Visit the Playground of the Seski One - www.seksi.org
Take a trip to Dee Dee's Wild & Wacky World of Looney Stuff!
Stop what you're doing, flick on the radio, get up and dance!
See if you have more luck with women then this guy (warning: may offend most people)
Read a book till all hours of the night
Plan a trip to Idaho, just so you can watch potatos grow
Re-fill your empty ice cube trays
Brush your teeth with whatever toothpaste you can find
Collect lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of drink can tabs and send them to me
Play Dr. Mario (if you can beat level 20, hi speed, my hats goes off to you....I've only done it once)
Listen to MP3s
me with the answer to this question: Are there pink Smarties? (the answers)
Fluff your pillows
Download Linux, the superior, and FREE Operating System
Flame Paul Steed
Watch SouthPark
Curious as to what the weather is like where I live? Click Here
Watch the entire Star Wars Saga in one sitting
Re-do your web page (yes again :P)
Check out my old webpage on Tripod (why don't they ever delete these things?!?!)
Like Southpark? Like Star Wars? Go here
More fun then watching paint dry.....go here to watch the US and World populations grow (thanks trevor)
Email yourself so you can have new mail (thanks Brent!)
Check out the DragonFlu Web Cam (warning: contains vulgarity like this)
Try to find a decent replacement for Notepad that lets you open files larger then 30k! (or just use SSI which is what I did!!)
Inform me about legacy items on this list (ie: overclock a CPU to 900mhz? How old is that?)
Try JustZipIt for no reason other then the author took the time to email me
Help this guy get married to his girlfriend.
Check out my Transcript of Marks from Robertson College
Check out Brent Scott's Transcrpit of Marks from Robertson College
Call Kattz
Fancy a random quote? Click Here
Check out what the name Zutroy means
Set your life's ambition to become a slacker
Lefties of the world unite!
Check out my Created In Unix webpage here
Learn all about Server Side Includes, and include them on your webpage
Send John F. an email saying Thanks! for saving the Stuff to Do if You're bored Page!
Eat saurkraut
Spend 11 minutes, and 22 seconds ranting about how you hate saurkraut
Beware the BOFH
Fight the Quebec Language Laws for Webpages!
Check out Nasa's Procedure to Follow in the Event That Building 245 is Attacked by Vikings
Looking for Love on the Internet? Sounds like Love@FirstByte
Discover the true meaning of Teletubbies
Make money surfing the web
Spend some time with Raymond, the Amish Comic
8 hours of paperwork - 'nuff said
Check out Stevie's Homepage and let him know how much he sucks
iMac, Therefore I am stupid!
Join the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
Read through the ShugaShack I Wish... Archives
Customize your Blue Screen Of Death
Virtually Tip Over a Cow
Pack yourself in styrofoam
Order combo #1 from a random Chinese Restaurant
Drink 20 liters of Dr. Pepper
Seek out the Paranormal
Become a Rabbi, then asked yourself if you're Pretty Fly for a Rabbi
Read the ingredients on the wrapper of a Wunderbar
Find your lack of pants disturbing
Get un-addicted to Lip Balm
Get paid to surf the Internet
Punch holes in your 720k floppy disks to turn them into 1.44 meg disks
Tranform your gel-wrist-pad into a snail (Thanks Eric!)
Take a Sanity Test (for reference I am 69.0909090909091% insane. I'm a loony)
Sort forms
Read about famous Net Lore
Keep your health insurance up-to-date
Help test out the new Microsoft keyboard
Go crazy
Wish yourself a Happy Birthday
Destroy the Internet
Warp the Spice Girls
Go bowling with a bunch of friends, and steal a picnic ham from their buffet table (and claim profusely that you didn't steal it)
Crawl the Net
Dub thyself unforgiven ii
Get bubblegum stuck in your hair and try to get it out with peanut butter
Post Post-It© Notes all over your house
Learn vi
Try to figure out what a Dalvian is
Play Worms (Banana attack!)
Wash your car
Listen to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Make sure there's whiskey in your jar
Get root
Save the Rain Forest
Format all your floppy disks
Beam yourself up
Read Something Awful
Check out the aurora borealis in Ottawa
Flip through the channels desperately looking for Macgyver, but instead find In The Heat Of The Night in it's place
Go visit the newly re-designed Seksi.Org
Call Coca-Cola consumer information @ 1-800-438-2653
Want to know if you'll suddenly fall off the Earth? Check out the daily gravity forecast
See zutroy.com at 20,000 hits
Try to grow a bigger ego then Wil
Visit the amazingly cool Bo Duke website
Beware the BOFH 2k
Check out zutroy.com, now with .org power!
Learn how to be an Evil Overlord in 100 easy steps
Apple Macintosh - When do you want to crash today??
View the power of the AT&T Death Star (created by Jeremy McMaster)
Go to A Galaxy Far, Far Away, Where No One Has Gone Before
Check your email from a DOS command prompt
Emulate the web in IE2.0
Go sing karaoke
Read about some Urban Legends
Drink some Jamaican beer (I recommend Red Stripe)
Play Carnage Blender
Make a fool of yourself on live world-wide-broadcast TV
Say "give me some sugar baby" to a random stranger
Estimate the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow
Rip your heart right out of your rib cage with your bare hands and then throw it on the floor and stomp on it until you die
Cook a ham
Ignore people who tell you about all the broken links on your webpage
Listen to some Siòbhan
Get unnecessary work done on your car
Go to Mavericks (formerly Crimson Clover) on Thursday night
Spend a few hours daydreaming that you had a trillion dollars
Buy 2 bags of ice for a party and never use them
Go see aLyStEr's recipes
Eat some ice cream
Add some strawberries to your ice cream
Add some blueberries to your ice cream too!
Find out how much is inside?
Steal someone's letters
Figure out "How Far is it?"
Try to guess what my favorite quote is
Hungry for news? Feed yourself
Wear a life preserver to the opera
Go to McDonald's and order fries. Then ask for fries with that.
Introduce yourself as "Flip, the surfing kangaroo" to random strangers
Do a blind taste test between Coke and Pepsi
Compose a symphony
Walk backwards for an entire day
Read a webcomic (LICD, xkcd, Cyanide and Happiness)
Read the entire archive of that webcomic
Carry the Olympic Torch
Sign up for credit cards, but don't activate them
Go visit your public library
Email your mother. It's been too long!
Eat some Cheese Nips
Install an air conditioner
Do some chin-ups
Watch some movie trailers
Read a random Wikipedia article
Eat some chicken noodle soup
Bounce a tennis ball against the wall until you miss catching it
Ask someone out on a date
See if there are any Star Wars books coming out soon
Invent a board game
Get some free stuff
Read an Archie comic, preferably a Jughead one
Find out what's in the middle of a golf ball
Super glue quarters to the floor
Re-organize the dishes in your kitchen cupboards
Try to figure out the end-credit lyrics to WKRP In Cincinnati
Quack like a duck anytime the phone rings
Build a cryo mouse
Visit the digital napkin and read some random thoughts that they jotted down
Create your own alien language
Speak only in your alien language for a whole day
Delve into AJ's Degrassi Universe
Take apart a fancy pen, and then try to re-assemble it
Organize your digital photos
Buy a shirt with gold and blue fish on it
Laugh uncontrollably for 2 hours
Watch a movie trilogy in one sitting
Tickle an alligator
Attempt the 30 Day Plank Challenge
Join the Dollar Shave Club

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